Remembrance Sunday 2020

The annual parade and service at the village war memorial on Remembrance Sunday, the 8th November 2020, will not take place this year.  Instead the uusal village organisations that normally lay wreaths and will do so on the day with one representative in attendance from each organisation but not at 11.00 am or necessarily at the same time.

The decision was taken in view of Government guidance that has indicated that in view of the Covid 19 issue, any ceremonies should focus on wreath laying only.   Organising bodies of a Remembrance event (such as we normally have) would need to complete a full risk assessment and manage attendance on the day by ensuring social distancing of attendees and having a system of track and trace for those who are there..  In addition, the usual groups who parade are not allowed to do so on guidance from their Governing bodies.

Of course any person can pay their respects at any time and it would be nice for them to do that, either on the Sunday or on the 11th November which is the actual day of remembrance.

We hope that we can resule our normal event in 2021.