New hall extension complete.

The new extension to the Village Hall is now substantially complete. Bult of matching brick and tile materials, the new extension forms an unobtrusive addition to the existing village hall building.

Work was started in September, and the extension has been built and fitted out to a high standard.

The extension comprises a main room of 65 sq. metres, which is about one half the size of the main hall.
It is a thoroughly modern building, with up to date levels of insulation. There is under-floor heating, supplied by a high efficiency boiler. The lighting is all LED.

There is also a good sized storeroom which also houses a small kitchenette, and a corridor linking to the existing changing rooms and toilets.

We were helped greatly by a grant of £48,000 from Biffa Award, part of the Landfill Communities Fund.

It is expected that the new room, once commissioned, will come into use in the early part of 2018.