Club re-opens its door again

The Club resumes normal activities as from the 1st September 2021.  As with every such facility, the Memorial Hall was closed to normal activities on the 23rd March 2020.  During the various stages of the pandemic the Managment Committee felt it was unviable to open the hall to any activities for two reasons. Firstly, the Committee has embarked on various modernisations to the interior of the Memorial Hall and the work has taken much of the closure time to complete.  Secondly, the various retrictions imposed by the Government’s guidanc precluded the opening of the hall in any event as it was unviable due to the restrictions on allowed activities and the numbers of users at any particular event.  The alterations has meant that the facilities are gretaly enhanced for the users and will stand the Club in good stead for a substantial period of time.

In advance of this general opening, one or two events have been held to test out some of the changes to working arrangements, namely for the bar and the bar area.